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Tree Pruning

Tree Guys has expert climbers that know the proper techniques to shape/trim different species of trees correctly. Trimming and Shaping can be utilized to improve the appearance of trees, to limit any potential hazards, or to eliminate stress on a particular tree. Below are before and after photos taken after a job was completed by Tree Guys. 

Before picture of tree trimming in Garnet Valley
After picture of tree trimming in Garnet Valley PA

Below is a a picture Tree Guys bucket truck operator/foreman in the process of safety pruning a large Poplar tree in Media, Pennsylvania. 

Poplar tree removal in Media PA

Below is a row of trees that we pruned with our bucket truck. We trimmed that back off a parking lot for an apartment complex we have managed for years located in Wallingford, PA. 

Commerical work in Wallingford PA
Climber trimming tree in West Chester PA
Tree Removal Chadds Ford PA
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