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Firewood available for sale in Delaware and Chester County

Tree Guys has been providing premium seasoned firewood to our customers for years. Our firewood is second to none which explains why we sell over 100 cords per winter. We are able to be particular with what type of wood we process because of the overflow from our tree services. We only process mixed hardwoods which consist of Oak, Hickory, Locust, Ash, Cherry and Beech. Our pieces are an average length of 18-20". All of our firewood is seasoned a minimum of 12 months before we sell it. We offer free delivery if you are within 10 miles of our shop in Glen Mills, PA 19342. 



Cords delivered are $320

1/2 cords delivered are $190

1/4 cords delivered are $120


Below are some pictures of our inventory.  

Seasoned firewood
Seasoned firewood
Seasoned firewood
Log truck starting the firewood process

To the left is a load of Oak logs from a tree job we did in Media, PA. These logs will soon be processed into firewood and added to our pile. The picture below is our pile drying out for next years firewood season. 

Firewood pile
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